About Me

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Hello there! I’m CJ Lewis.

My husband and I live on the Canadian West Coast.

Having my quality of life severely impacted by scent reactions propelled me on a journey of discovery about the health risks of fragrance chemicals. When I learned that children are the most at risk from scented products, I became determined to do what I could to raise public awareness.

In my opinion, people have the right to make informed decisions about the risks they are willing to take with their health and the health of their families. I hope this website helps you understand the risks and make the transition to a scent-free lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, I am very impressed with your blog and very much enjoy reading it. I, myself do not have any allergies to scents but I have learned about all of the harmful chemicals in fragrance and I want to stay away and help others stay away.


    • Thank you, Laura. I’m so pleased you found my blog helpful. Yes, it’s a good idea to try to keep the scented products out of your home, at least. That way you have less chance of developing allergies or having your health negatively impacted in other ways.


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